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Открытый международный одноэтапный архитектурный конкурс​

на лучший проект для создания нового концертного центра в литовском городе Каунас, им. М. К. Чюрлёниса.

Project area of the design concept located on a picturesque site of the Kaunas city, on the left bank of the Nemunas River. Taking into account above all the cultural value of the place, there was an idea of creating a volume of natural landscape of the city in the concept of architectural and planning solution. The main volume of the building "going out" and "grow" from the level of the ground, this design connects and fits into the wider urban form, grain and context of Kaunas, linking the site on the lower terrace of the left bank of the Nemunas River to the old and new central districts of Kaunas on the right bank. This way of the space design interpretation hepls totally integrate it in the existing context on the left bank of the Nemunas River and become the starting point for future regeneration in this part of the city. All the building as a whole contain elements of puzzle that will unravel the visitors.

The architectural silhouette of the concert center harmoniously integrates and emphasizes the visual appearance of the place. Design project forms urban architecture ensemble on the Nemunas waterfront, elegantly playing in the composite dialogue with the science island, without challenging its primacy.

The roof becomes an outdoor room, a physical and conceptual reconnection of the river to the city’s heart – where visitors can turn away from the river and enjoy the cityscape. The Large space of exploited roof, which is in the same time a panoramic sightseeing platform, can also serve as an open exhibition space and an expansion of the museum complex in the warm season.

            In the entrance to the new M.K. ČIURLIONIS concert centre visitor doesn’t find a building above the ground, in its usual meaning, but he is facing city garden that grows from the layers of the ground, like an archaeological find. The cultural center, by the reason of situation on the south bank of Nemunas River become a certain visual accent inviting you to visit this place, because museum offers panoramic views on the science island, Old Kaunas city center and Aleksotas district. Blending structure into landscape, the concert center is designed to allow visitors to walk over, under and through the building. There is a sightseeing platform on the roof of the center there visitors can meet and muse the landscape and observe activities of the center from skylight windows. Organization of the garden on the exploited roof is an advantage for the development of the center, as it creates a public convenience, which will attract not only tourists, but also local residents, and by mixing the cultural program with the atmosphere created by this concert hall complex, promotes the organization of relationship between the center and the community.

The idea of architectural composition of the building is an interpretation and creating a frame of two concert halls by volumes of service and office space in the open access for people. There are three front-of-house and one back-of-house entrances in the concert center: the main from the O. Minkovskių Street, there are a wave organic shape glass facade, which in turn is the visual attraction. The second entrance - is a long ramp leading the visitor down from the science island bridge to the lobby: the space-time exposure and the center of the active life in the concert complex. This "square" within the complex is an open space, on which will be carried out various cultural activities; it is also a new platform for self-expression and creative personalities, and various events. Third entrance facing Nemunas waterfront. The last entrance located in the back-of-house of the complex. Its functions generally are staff service entrance, loading bay.

There are exhibition halls on the first floor, which are extensions of the public realm, with flowing interconnected places for experiences and interactions, on the plan represent flowing organic lines. This form of halls make it possible to create a lively atmosphere exposure, organize a more convenient form for the dioramas. The entrance and exit of rooms are oriented in such a way as to create a logical navigation of the exhibition for visitor, according to the time period displayed in the exhibition hall, but not prohibitive to visit any of the rooms not in order.

Čiurlionis created a certain system for synthesising the principles of music and painting, based on generic correspondence: the volume of musical sound corresponds to the intensity of colour and outline, musical tempo corresponds to the plastic-linear rhythm, whereas the particular part of the musical composition corresponds to the position of a painting within the cyclical structure. Čiurlionis Concert Centre creates an emblematic place within the heart of Kaunas, revitalising the Aleksotas neighbourhood. The idea that Concert center will be a sort of "House of Music", where every citizen of the city will find their understanding of the intellectual and cultural identity. Proposed innovation complex becomes a mental intangible door to their past, present and future; become a place of collective memory and knowledges. All of these features will help in the development of the Kaunas self-identity. The new complex "Kaunas M.K. ČIURLIONIS concert centre" is an intention to create a new, full of life, the center of culture, music, communication and exchange of ideas. The main leitmotif of the project proposal - an attempt to create an object not as a physical building, but rather a new space of collective music and identity, a meeting place for people and stories. The system of open spaces, where the spectacular landscape of Kaunas is interweave with the rich cultural activities, which will be cultivated in concert center.

Photovoltaic roof panels absorb solar energy which is then stored and/or delivered as electricity, covering the needs of the LED-based lighting system.  For wall material was choosen multylayer facade system with natural insulation and glazed tiles as a finish layer. Rain water is received and directed along the top of the building to a storage tank, from which it can be used both as irrigation and domestic water Grey waters are colected, recycled and pumped back into system. Automated control system of the atrium windows allow for a passive control of internal temperatures, taking advantage of the building’s thermal inertia, which allows for heat accumulation during day time and natural ventilation during the night. Preservation of skyline and natural landscape site - the basic principle of volume organization. The Concert complex is not build as "found" or "revealed" in consequence of his "digging" from the ground. Presented architectural strategy creates minimal impact on the architectural and visual perception of the place and fully integrates into the existing landscape structure, takes advantage of thermal inertia and heat insulation, which provides ground and refers to the ancient vernacular architecture traditions.



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